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About Jesse Lord

Jesse serves as the Production Director for Southside Church. He helps with video, web, generally tries to keep the blinky lights blinking. If you're reading one of his posts, he probably didn't write it.

Brooke Conner and Tina Pruitt

Do you love to sing? Do you want to share the good news of the gospel? Join us! All are welcome! To join, you will need to commit to attending weekly rehearsals, practicing at home, and attending scheduled local performances. Please specify if you will need childcare, and we will make arrangements. Sign Up [...]

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Patrick Lunceford & Sheril Burrage

Why should I pray?  How should I pray?  Does prayer really work?  Does God hear my prayers? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions (or similar ones), you are not alone. Join this Small Group, as we seek to grow in the practice of prayer by exploring these questions and more through [...]

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