Ephesians 1 – 6

Intro: This letter contains a wonderful description of the church. In it, Paul shows the character of the body of  believers: Through and in Christ, we have been showered with God’s kindness, chosen for greatness, marked by the Spirit, and freed from sin’s curse and bondage. As you read through Ephesians, look for the many reasons we have to worship the One who gives so much, over and above, life, hope and love. Then as your response, WORSHIP HIM! It will become a natural response.

1. Chapter 1:5-6 – “His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave Him great pleasure. So we praise God for the wonderful kindness he has poured out on us because we belong to His dearly loved Son.” This passage brings the wonderful news that those who belong to Christ have been spiritually adopted into God’s own family. Where we were born or into what circumstances not longer matter, for God has chosen us to be His own. WOW! Our advocate, Jesus Christ, provided the way and means for our adoption to take place. Read through chapter 1 & 2 and list all of the privileges that you have as a child of God, and then spend time thanking Him for those.

2. Chapter 4:4 – “We are all one body, we have the same Spirit, and we have all been called to the same glorious future.” There is one word that sums up the principle described in this verse: UNITY! This passage specifies 3 reasons that we should show unity as believers in Christ. We are ONE BODY, WITH ONE SPIRIT, DESTINED FOR ONE COMMON FUTURE. What reasons could possibly exist that would divide us? After listing these reasons, spend some time praying for unity in your group, your church, your ministries that you are involved in.

3. Chapter 6:18 – “Pray at all times and on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all Christians everywhere.” In verses 10-17, we are being challenged to put on the armor of God to fight the enemy, and then vs. 18 comes in. Paul is instructing the believers to pray continually, at all times, and on every occasion. Live constantly in a spirit of worship, he challenges us. Stay alert; pray with unrelenting faith. There is an old song by Keith Green that is called “Make My Life a Prayer To You”. Go around the group and list ways that we can do that, and are going to do that. Share with the group different times of the day that you are going to pray that is different than your usual habit. Then close in prayer for each other.