We feel in order to reach the city and the world with the Gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small. We must take bold steps, abandon reasonable, embrace the ridiculous, trade natural for supernatural and watch God move.

We are actively engaged with supporting ministry partners globally as well as serving needs of the community in partnerships with local faith-based non-profit agencies and organizations.

Everybody has a GO, so what is yours?



Going to Haiti was a true eye opening, heart opening and mind opening experience. In a country that could just give up and has no reason to have any hope for the future, they continually show us that the true hope is Jesus. This should give us even more hope. I have been going every year since the beginning and every year I learn more about God’s love and more about myself. 

Lucy Smith

 I felt a calling to go to Haiti. I instantly fell in love with the country. The people will capture your hearts with their hospitality and smiles. Their culture is so inspiring. They open up their country not for pity but to share their love of Christ. I continue to fall more in love with the country and their culture with each year. There is so much to learn from them. There is beauty in brokenness

Cary Watson

Haiti has definitely changed my life.  I came back a changed person and a different heart. I just completely fell in love with Haiti and all the people and also enjoyed and loved the team that I was able to share the experience with. 

Andy Jones