We feel in order to reach the city and the world with the Gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small.

We must take bold steps, abandon reasonable, embrace the ridiculous, trade natural for supernatural and watch God move.

We are actively engaged with supporting ministry partners globally as well as serving needs of the community in partnerships with local faith-based non-profit agencies and organizations.

Everybody has a GO, so what is yours?



I went to Guatemala to set an example of obedience to go into all the world for our youth group students, but found the lessons I learned there were as much for my heart as theirs. I had no idea how much the Guatemalan people would love and pour into me. From the second we stepped off the plane we were welcomed as if we were home and loved like we were family. It’s true what they say about missions blessing you more than you can ever bless the people you go to serve. I left home thinking it would be my one foray into missions, but left Guatemala knowing I wouldn’t be away long.

Deenene Chandler

Deciding to be a part of Yolany’s Hope and go see what God is doing in Honduras was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. It opened my eyes to a God that is much bigger than I ever imagined, and gave me a stronger love for His people and a passion for serving them.

Daniel Warren

Having the opportunity to go to Honduras completely rocked my world. The moment I got off the plane, God met me right there. I went to Honduras with the intention to serve others, but they actually taught ME so much!

Tamara Griffis