Sermon Series: “Standing Together” 8.22.21

Sermon Title: “Standing Alone!”

Scripture: 1 Kings 19:1-19

Theme: We live in a world marked by indecision and confusion, where chaos and fear win the day. It’s refreshing and reassuring to find people who know who they are and where they are going. Come and join us as we share a clear and concise message about boldness in the face of uncertainty, faithfulness in the day of compromise, and making a difference in the land of hostility.

  • Victory makes us vulnerable.
  • Mount Carmel is very exciting. But most of us live on the plains and valleys of life where it is hard to see, hear, and follow the Lord.
  • In 1 Kings 19 we see Elijah struggling with fear. But we also see God refusing to let go.

What to do when things don’t go your way:

Get Ready.  (v.1-4)

  • When people and problems become too large, we can allow God to seem too small.

Get Up.  (v.5-8)

  • God is just waiting for you to look at Him in order to receive a supernatural infusion of His power.

Get Over.  (v.9-14)

  • Fear leads to isolation; isolation leads to self-pity; and self-pity can lead to defeat.

Get Going.  (v.15-18)

  • There comes a time when we must realize that the only way to overcome our discouragement is to get back in the battle.

The Bible is not filled as much with mass movements as it is with individuals who refused to give up!


Nothing has the power to change your life like a whisper from God.


  • Monday: 2 Chronicles 20-21
  • Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 22-24
  • Wednesday: 2 Chronicles 25-27
  • Thursday: 2 Chronicles 28-30
  • Friday: 2 Chronicles 31-33
  • Saturday: 2 Chronicles 34-36
  • Sunday: Catch Up!


  • “Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong. Do everything in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

Ask your family:

  • Elijah felt exhausted and very discouraged. He basically wanted to give up. Have you ever felt this way? What made it better?
  • Go outside and look for evidence of the wind as it blows. Can you see the trees swaying? Leaves blowing? We know the wind has power and is there even though we can see it. In today’s story, we see Elijah experience God’s presence and power.
  • The Bible says that when we have a relationship with Jesus, we are an overcomer. Because Jesus overcame death on the cross, we too can have victory in our battles. What battles has God helped us overcome in the past? Make a list as a family and revisit it often as a reminder of God’s promise and His faithfulness.

Ask your group:

  • You hear it all of the time around Southside that “we all have a NEXT STEP” and “what is your YES?” So, WHAT IS YOUR YES OR YOUR NEXT STEP? Are you willing to be obedient to what God is telling you to do, and are you working toward taking someone with you (mentor, discipling, leading, investing in)?
  • Elijah was intentional in obeying and looking for Elisha. Are you intentional with what God is calling you to do?
  • Pastor Jeff said “In order to begin a new chapter, you must end an old one.” What is it in your life that you need to end in order to follow the plan that God has for you?
  • Why do you think that we expect God to do amazing things in our lives without us giving Him complete surrender?
  • “We Are Better Together” is not just a cool saying. SO…. From this story of Elijah and Elisha, how does this story bring meaning to this saying and what can that mean for you?

Ask yourself:

  • Adoration – How can I praise God for what this teaches me?
  • Confession – What sin can I confess because of what this teaches me?
  • Thanksgiving – How can I thank God for what Jesus has done?
  • Supplication – What do I need to ask of God in order to grow in light of these passages?