Sermon Series: “For the One” 2.28.21

Sermon Title: “More Than an Offering”

Scripture: Leviticus 1-5; Hebrews 10:1-39

Theme: Leviticus…Numbers…Deuteronomy. Holiness…Faithfulness…Obedience. One person…One conversation…One invitation…One decision…One prayer…One hope…Jesus is the ONE who came for the ONE. You are one decision away from a completely different life. This is for the One!

              • The overwhelming message of Leviticus is the holiness of God.
              • a·tone·ment (noun): reparation for a wrong; reconciliation.
              • How can unholy people approach a holy God?

My Offering to God

Atonement Offerings. (Leviticus 1:1)

          • Burnt Offering – make payment for sin; devotion to God.
          • Grain Offering – show honor and respect to God in worship; sacrifice to God.
          • Fellowship Offering – express gratitude to God; fellowship with God.
          • Sin Offering – make restitution for sins; restore fellowship with God.
          • Guilt Offering – atone for sins against God and others; compensate injured parties.

God’s Offering to Us


It’s perfect. (Hebrews 10:1-10)

          • Believe it!
          • It’s permanent. (Hebrews 10:11-18)
          • Accept it!
          • It’s powerful. (Hebrews 10:19-39)
          • Live it!

If God were not willing to forgive sin, heaven would be empty.

TAKE AWAY… (Hebrews 10:39)

The sacrifice of Jesus…Believe it! Accept it! Live it!


Leviticus 1-12


“By this will of God, we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.” (Hebrews 10:10)

Ask your family:

Look through the first five chapters of Leviticus. How many different types of offerings are listed?

Sacrifices helped people remember their sin and that God is holy. Why was that not enough? (Hint: Read Hebrews 10:4)

Why do we not need to offer animal sacrifices today? (Hint: Read Hebrews 10:10)

Ask your group:

What are you willing to offer God? Are you willing to sacrifice? King David said in II Samuel 24:24 “I will not sacrifice anything to the Lord my God that costs me nothing.” 

God gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, to be THE perfect sacrifice for us. What is it that made the sacrifice “perfect”?

How freeing is it to know that by trusting in the shed blood of Christ and saying YES to Jesus, that my sins are forgiven, forever?

What is holding you back from entering His sanctuary? Christ has given us life!

Ask yourself:

Adoration – How can I praise God for what this teaches me?

Confession – What sin can I confess because of what this teaches me?

Thanksgiving – How can I thank God for what Jesus has done?

Supplication – What do I need to ask of God in order to grow in light of these passages?