“Now the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ Jesus,
after you have suffered a little while.”

~I Peter 5:10

Once the stitches are removed, we are left with a scar.

I have a significantly noticeable scar on my left knee. I was a daddy’s girl growing up and thought I needed to be his shadow. One hot summer day he took me with him to the cornfield. I was mindlessly playing around, entertaining myself in the field when all of a sudden I could not “hold it” any longer. Running through the field to find “a place” as any good country girl does when “it’s time to go,” I tripped and fell. Being my “tomboyish” self I hopped back up, dusted myself off and noticed my jeans were cut and blood was running down my leg. I had fallen on a machete knife! Now what crazy person leaves a machete knife lying in the middle of a corn field? And how in the world did I just so happen to fall in that one specific place in all of that expansive field? After a blood curdling scream, my daddy’s big arms scooped me up and off to the emergency room we flew. Decades later I see the scar and laugh at the memory. I smile thinking of my daddy’s arms and how he rescued me that day. 

Physical scars are remnants of some injury or hurt that we experience, and most of the time there is a story to tell about them. Some stories we can look back on and laugh, while others bring us to tears. But no matter the story, God can use it for His glory!

The stitchfix.com company provides clothing that accentuates your figure, portrays your personality, and displays your uniqueness, but only God can give you a STITCH FIX that will not only heal our hurts, He will RESTORE us as well! His STITCH FIX will make us a display of His power in our lives. It will become a story that will encourage others to trust Him for a STITCH FIX in their own lives as well. 

In the Bible we read of a man named Job who was stripped of all of his possessions, family, and well-being. But in the end, God restored to him double what Job had previously. “The Lord RESTORED his property and doubled his previous possession.”
Job 42:10

To RESTORE means to bring back to a previous situation; to return someone or something to a former condition, place, or position. There are scars from hurts in my life that are not only physical, but spiritual and emotional. Hurts from disappointing decisions that others have made that broke my heart. Hurts from relationships gone awry. Hurts from financial instability. Hurts from job loss. Hurts from desires gone unanswered. Hurts from saying goodbye to loved ones. Hurts from sickness and disheartening doctor’s reports. Hurts from the lies of satan that tell us life is too difficult. 

We all have pain from the hurts and the scars left in our hearts remind us of the pain. BUT, our Heavenly Father has arms that reach down to scoop us up from a depth that has a limit He has set. He knows when we are struggling in the trials, but He has a plan all along to bring us up from the deep and RESTORE us back to a place in life where we can thrive again. Jeremiah 30:17 says, “I will RESTORE you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.” This is a promise we can claim and count on. Not only will He RESTORE, but He will Heal us as well. He will RESTORE us and make us stronger than ever before. It is during the trials and hurts that shape us and make us more like Jesus. The trials are times of Him conforming us into His image. We simply have to be willing to trust Him, lean into Him for strength, and depend on Him to work on our behalf. Like Job, God desires to give us a double portion if we will simply trust Him for His STITCH FIX. 

Whatever your “stitch fix” need is, Jesus is PERSONALLY available to you and your unique hurts and difficulties.

Fashioned for This,


Restore the joy of Your salvation to me, and give me a willing spirit.
~Psalm 51:12